Qualmega, Inc. is an industrial battery specialist.  We carry
nickel-cadmium, nickel-iron, and lithium-ion batteries for
applications such as railroad signals, substations,
telecommunications, solar and windmill energy storage, automated
guided vehicles (AGV), UPS, offshore drilling, diesel engine starting,
electric vehicles, etc.  

Qualmega offers high quality sintered-plate and pocket-plate Ni-Cd
and Ni-Fe storage batteries with capacities from 10Ah to 1,200Ah,
and Li-ion batteries with various types of cell chemistry at different
voltages and capacities.  We can also have the battery
custom-made to meet your special needs.

Qualmega is the exclusive distributor of Sichuan Changhong
Battery Co., Ltd (SCBC).  SCBC is the largest and oldest industrial
Ni-Cd battery manufacturer in China and also one of the largest in
the world.  

Qualmega offers knowledgeable and individual service to our
customers.  As an exclusive manufacturer representative, we are
fully backed by SCBC.
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