Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd. (SCBC) is a subsidiary of Sichuan
Changhong Electrical Co.   It is specialized in developing and manufacturing
industrial alkaline rechargeable batteries.  It was founded 5 decades ago
as the first alkaline industrial battery manufacturer in China.  The company
currently has 800 employees and occupies a 2,000,000 square feet facility
in Mianyang, a scenic city in the northwest of Sichuan Province.  It is the
principal battery supplier in China to the railroad, aviation, and military
markets.  It is also the largest sintered-plate nickel-cadmium battery
manufacturer in Asia and one of the largest alkaline industrial battery
manufacturers in the world.  SCBC is ISO 9001 certified.  

SCBC’s parent company, Sichuan Changhong Electrical Co., which is also
located in Mianyang, is China’s second-largest television manufacturer.  It
is a publicly traded company listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.  It
manufactures televisions, DVD players, IT products, refrigerators, air-
conditioners, audio and video products, consumer batteries, cell phones,
satellite television equipment, etc.  

Due to the strategic importance of SCBC to China, the company is sizable
and extremely capable:

  • To ensure the quality of the batteries, SCBC even makes key battery
    production equipments such as spot-welders and heat-sealers for its
    own battery production.
  • It has solid technology and production capability on other battery
    chemistries including Silver-Zinc, Nickel-Metal hydride, and Lithium-
  • It is very strong on power electronics.  It designs and produces high
    quality battery chargers for their batteries.  
  • It is very strong on metalworks.  It makes all the battery casings,
    racks, and system cabinets in-house.    
  • The quality of SCBC’s products is further enhanced by a
    sophisticated testing facility and a highly skilled technical team for
    electrochemical, mechanical, electromagnetic, and environmental

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